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What you don’t use, you will loose. What fires together, wires together.
[00:01:06.230] - Prof. Dr. Ursula Renold We are very happy that she accepted to give a talk and also to answer to questions. Here we have Katie Caves, which you know very well, as well as Dr. Ladina Rageth. She is a postdoc in our chair. And also she is a mother. And therefore she may be also interested in knowing more about what's going on in the adolescence age. Therefore, I would like to hand over the floor to Ursula Davatz and we look very forward to learn from you. Thank you very much for joining us. [00:01:43.670] - Ursula Davatz Thank you very much for inviting me for my introduction. I'm a psychiatrist and a family therapist. I have been trained in the United States for three years in family therapy by one of the most famous originator of family therapy. Murray Bowen. [00:02:02.050] - Ursula Davatz Yes, I have been working with adolescence for over 40 years, so I think I know a little bit about them. The theme is teenage phase or adolescence. Adolescence is a very important developmental phase during which a lot of changes take place in life of these young individuals and also in their brain. I first relate to the brain. The brain goes through a synaptic pruning, one calls it, which means a cleansing of unnecessary synaptic junctions, according to the principle, what you don't use, you will lose.
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